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Healthy Ageing

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Healthy Ageing

This course has been designed for everyone who would like to live life to the full even in their mature years, and age healthily, slowly and gracefully.

We live in an era when media keeps bombarding us with discouraging statistics predicting that every second man and every third woman will get cancer at least once in their lives; that 25% of us will die of heart disease; and that diabetes and its associated complications are becoming a new normal for the ageing population in the Western world.

But do we really need to age as scientists and media predict? Not necessarily. The food and lifestyle choices we make don’t just influence how we think, feel and act, but also how we age.

The Healthy Ageing course teaches you:

  • What is good nutrition and why it is essential for healthy ageing.

  • How the colour of fruits and vegetables reflects their benefits and effects on health.

  • What are the sources of key nutrients that protect against degenerative diseases such as arthritis, cardiovascular disease and cancer.

  • How fresh juices and raw foods contribute to healthy ageing.

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Telomeres ― the key to biological ageing

The cells in our bodies take quite a beating throughout our lifetimes. Environmental factors, poor diet, smoking and alcohol, stress, depression and lack of sleep leave our cells at risk of damage to the DNA, predisposing us to cancer and other degenerative diseases.

Luckily, however, we have sophisticated biological systems to counteract this damage. One of these mechanisms is involved in cellular ageing, ensuring that individual cells live for a certain amount of time before dying.

Telomeres are stretches of DNA and proteins at the ends of our chromosomes. Each time a cell divides, these stretches naturally get shorter. Once the length of a telomere reaches a particular cut-off point, the cell can no longer divide and subsequently dies.

Telomere length can be used to indicate an individual’s biological age (which can be significantly different from chronological age). Reduced telomere length can, therefore, lead to accelerated biological ageing and consequently premature death. Telomeres will get shorter, there is no doubt about it, but we can influence the telomere shortening process to a certain extent through our lifestyle practices.

Nourish your body to age healthily

About the course

This online course includes an in-depth 1-hour video lecture, 28 informative handouts and two articles about healthy ageing food choices, and the negative influences of junk food, stress, lack of sleep and negative habits like smoking and drinking alcohol on the ageing process. It reveals why effective detoxification is crucial if we want to age slowly and gracefully and how to support it; how to include enough omega-3 essential fatty acids into our diet to protect our brain health; what to eat to support our heart health and keep our blood vessels smooth and supple; and why it makes sense to switch from coffee to matcha or from black tea to green tea.

The course explains in detail the ageing process, how bad food and lifestyle choices lead to chronic inflammation and disease, why eating less as we age leads to better health, and how to include as teas into our everyday routine, the herbs that support various age-related conditions.

About the lecturer

Dee Clough mANP rGNC

Qualifications: MHSc in Herbal Medicine. BHSc in Complementary Medicine. Certified Bach Flower Practitioner.

Background: Dee is a Naturopath, Nutritional therapist and Herbalist who has taught a range of Naturopathy and Nutrition lectures at CNM’s London campus. She is currently the online tutor for the Naturopathy modules. Dee is a big advocate of Bach Flower Essences and has a particular interest in the mind-body connection and how it influences health.

Who should take this course?

The Healthy Ageing course is suitable for anyone who wants to support their overall well-being, as well as nourish and support their body and mind optimally to remain healthy, strong, fit, vigorous and quick-witted long into their mature years. But it is also aimed at those considering studying with CNM who want to get first-hand experience before enrolling on one of our more comprehensive Short Courses or even one of our professional Diploma Courses.

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