Healthy Eating vs Popular Diets


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Healthy Eating vs Popular Diets

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Healthy Eating vs Popular Diets

How many diets have you tried in your life? Have they worked long-term or have you eventually given up on them, because they were too restrictive, causing you to fall back into old patterns of eating putting even more weight on? How did you feel when dieting ― were you constantly hungry, tired and irritable, or were you happy, enthusiastic and full of energy? How was your digestion when you were on a diet ― was it an endless battle with stubborn constipation or did you go easily to the toilet once or twice a day?

While most diets will give you some good nutritional advice, we need to be aware that diets are usually following some nutritional protocol that is, at least, marginally deficient in certain nutrients. The ketogenic diet, for example, excludes some rather healthy sources of fibre while a vegan diet could be short of certain essential B vitamins due to the exclusion of animal proteins.

The Healthy Eating vs Popular Diets course teaches you:

  • Why in some areas around the world people live longer and are more healthy.

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of some popular diets like Atkins, FODMAP, Paleo, raw food and macrobiotic?

  • Why are high-fat, low-carbohydrate diets so effective when we try to lose weight?

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How has the concept of healthy eating changed with time

The idea of what to eat and how food influences our well-being has changed many times throughout history. The protocols of traditional medicines show that in ancient cultures, the connection between food and health was well established. Their perception of how the food that we are eating influences our health is clearly shown in a famous quote attributed to the Father of Medicine, Greek physician, Hippocrates: “Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food”.

However, after the new scientific ideas took over at the end of 19th century, the value of food suddenly became reduced to its chemical component parts, which could be either incorporated into the body or burned for energy. Eventually, the ‘calorie’ system was introduced and counting calories began at the expense of other, more qualitative characteristics of food.

Luckily, some modern physicians still paid attention to food and so the ketogenic diet was invented in the 1920s as a treatment for epilepsy ― it was used on a regular basis until pharmaceuticals came on the market presenting an easier way to manage this condition. The ketogenic diet was forgotten and demonised alongside saturated fats and cholesterol in the 1950s, when a major shift happened in the recommended diet from fats to carbohydrates, and from saturated fats to vegetable oils. The following 50 years of low-fat diets saw the rates of obesity and diabetes skyrocket proving that healthy fats, even if saturated, are not a cause of concern. Then we reached the anti-sugar moment! Sugar is, no doubt, bad for our health, but let us not repeat the same mistakes again and demonise all carbohydrates as well, because healthy, whole carbohydrate sources provide us with fibre and a myriad of micronutrients that our body needs to thrive.

Get healthy and nourish your body optimally

About the course

This online course includes in-depth 1-hour-long video lecture, 33 informative handouts and two articles that will explain the impact of different diets on the body; the health benefits of specific diets; why certain diets are hard to follow long-term; and how well-formulated vegan / vegetarian diets appear. It gives some great tips on the impact of high-heat cooking on food, what kind of foods a healthy meal should comprise and how to add high-nutrient foods to some everyday recipes to make them even more nourishing.

About the lecturer

Rhian Jones mANP rGNC

Qualifications: B.Sc. (Hons) Nutritional Therapy. M.Sc. Herbal Medicine. Certificate in Education. CNM Diploma in Naturopathy.

Background: Rhian is the Course Director for the Naturopathic Nutrition diploma course, and lectures in both Nutrition and Herbal Medicine at CNM. Rhian has been lecturing for 30 years in various health related subjects and runs a busy clinic for patients with chronic illnesses using a variety of modalities including nutritional therapy, iridology, naturopathy and herbal medicine.

Who should take this course?

The Healthy Eating vs Popular Diets course is suitable for anyone interested in nutrition, healthy ways of losing weight or managing gut disturbances. It is ideal for those interested in food intolerances and allergies as well as exploring the possibilities of different eating protocols. It is also aimed at those that have been considering studying with CNM and want to get first-hand experience before enrolling on one of our comprehensive Short Courses or even one of our professional Diploma courses.

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CNM Certificate in Healthy Eating vs Popular Diets


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