Is lack of quality sleep affecting your health?

The benefits of sleep are extensive and good quality sleep can have a positive effect on your health, as well as the length of your life. There are approximately 100 trillion cells in the human body that work hard all day keeping your bodies functions in order. Night time is the perfect time for you to give your body the opportunity to repair and restore.

According to the Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School, your body manages and requires sleep in much the same way that it regulates the need for eating, drinking, and breathing. Therefore ensuring a minimum of 6 to 8 hours of restorative sleep daily is vital to maintaining optimum health and wellbeing.

Tips to Better Sleep:

  • Create a regular routine: by providing your body with a consistent bed time you can re-set your body clock and get your mind and body into a regular sleep routine.
  • Avoid relying on stimulants:
    • Caffeine: preferably no caffeinated drinks after lunch and instead opt for a variety of herbal teas which can help relax the mind and encourage a more relaxed sleep; teas which include Chamomile, Lemon Balm, Skullcap & Valerian are great choices
    • Sugar: Fast releasing sugary treats, especially in the evening, negatively impact our blood sugar balance. Disturbed and broken sleep throughout the night can be as a result of a drop blood sugars.
  • Avoid large meals before bed: Ideally leave approximately 3 hours between your last meal of the day and your scheduled bedtime. This will ensure your body won’t keep you awake generating the energy needed to digest your dinner.

clairegradyThis information has been brought to you by Naturopathic Nutritionist & College of Naturopathic Medicine Lecturer Claire Grady. Claire takes a “Food as Medicine” approach in her clinic.

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