Top Nutrition Tips for Toddlers & Fussy Eaters

It can be a daily struggle trying to get your toddler to eat their vegetables, and for some a nightmare.

Did you know that your toddler (age 1-3) needs up to 4 portions fruit/veg a day (one portion is one banana/2tblp cooked veg).

Here are some tips to help you meet their 4-a-day:

  • Grate carrots and courgette into the sauce when making their favourite spaghetti bolognaise dish. The grated veg soften and go unnoticed
  • Make home-made vegetable soups irresistible by adding ‘sweet’ vegetables like sweet potato, red and yellow peppers, butternut squash and pumpkin.
  • Green Smoothies: These are always a hit with my daughter, made using spinach, kale or bok-choy, blended with banana, natural yoghurt and frozen berries
  • Green smoothies can be frozen in summertime for a delicious veggie ice-pop
  • Add vegetables to your baking. You can easily disguise beetroot, steamed broccoli, sweet potato, inside little muffins.
  • Eggs and veg make a tasty combo: Make a vegetable filled omelette/frittata/egg muffins, using tomatoes, spinach, peppers, kale, sweet potatoes and any other chopped up veg you can imagine!
  • Increase taste by not always boiling vegetables. Steam, stir-fry and roast using tasty healthy oils such as coconut or rapeseed.
  • donnawalsh4Make a creamy white sauce by blending cooked cauliflower with almond milk, and use for your lasagnes or to pour over vegetables.
  • Toddlers like control/choice, so instead of saying ‘you have to eat this broccoli’, ask, ‘would you like to try the broccoli or courgette today?’

This information has been brought to you by Nutritional Therapist and CNM Graduate Donna Walsh, who specialises in Children’s Health.

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