Natural Therapies helped relieve my anxiety

I am a 35 year old male and can honestly say that seeing Jason Walsh and receiving acupuncture treatment from him has altered my life in such a positive and liberating way that I would never have thought possible.

From the ages of 8-12 I suffered from multiple traumatic experiences and as a result from an early age I had difficulty falling and staying asleep. I also suffer with nightmares, having between 1 and 4 nightmares a night, which would result in me waking up feeling panicked. Over time I got somewhat used to these and they just became part of my life.

On the outside I was always bright and bubbly and up for anything but on the inside I was crushed, often suffering from extreme bouts of anxiety and depression. I felt extremely lonely, sad and confused. I also felt very angry at the world and would sometimes lash out in extreme bouts of anger towards my parents, teachers or anyone who I felt might have slighted me. I would feel very frustrated and from about the age of 13 and 14 I began to self-harm.

Eventually when I was 19 I had enough and attempted suicide with the hope of ending it all but I was found by my mother who rushed me to hospital. Far from saving me this just added another thing for me to feel bad about, especially as I had also caused my mother and father to become upset. Some of my friends found out and although most were very supportive of me I always felt very paranoid and never quite knew how I fit in.

My parents insisted I go to our local GP and for the next 15 years I visited various health professionals such as psychiatrists and psychologists who would suggest things for me to do or as with most would put me on a variety of medication. I would have times of happiness but would almost inevitably self-destruct and end in self- harm and I would be back in the vicious circle of Doctor’s and medication. But none of this really helped or at least not long term. The medication would dull my moods and emotions, which wasn’t me. All I wanted was to be the real version of myself happy or sad. But I was almost resigned to the fact that this would never happen.

That was until early last year 2014 when a friend suggested acupuncture. My initial reaction was how on earth can sticking needles into my body sort what medication and numerous Doctor’s couldn’t. But eventually I thought, why not, but I was super sceptical and didn’t expect much.

I made my first appointment to see Jason and was so surprised at how easily I opened up to him about my past. I was very impressed at how he advised me about acupuncture and how long it had been around and how it predates our so called recognised western health system. He also explained how different parts of the body can effect and hold onto moods and emotions etc. I found myself fascinated by this seemingly new world that was opening up before me but was still very sceptical.

I then lay on the acupuncture bed and Jason explained what he would be doing, what points of the body he would insert needles into (which by the way didn’t hurt me at all). It was all very relaxed and the environment, candles, Chinese music really helped. Once all the needles were in place I found myself drifting off and fell asleep (this would become a common occurrence) eventually I was woken up from a most enjoyable nap and Jason placed his hands over the top of my head which felt quite hot, not uncomfortable but like an energy flowing from the top of my head. I left the building with a real sense of joy and happiness like a natural high – which I find difficult to explain. I was encouraged to keep a journal each day as to how I felt, this became very useful and a barometer as to how I was progressing when I attended each following session.

He did advise that it would/could take time but to my surprise after I think 4 sessions I had for the first time since I was 8 years of age, slept without being woken by a nightmare. I couldn’t believe it. It was like being set free. Over the course of the sessions I noticed my moods changing; I was more tolerant of others, calmer, happier and I felt more comfortable in my own skin. I felt alive and optimistic about the future and that the vicious circle or Doctor’s and medication was finally broken.

Yes I still got the odd nightmare but they are now few and far between, which to me was unthinkable. For someone who was such a sceptic I am extremely grateful to have been proved wrong. I still get sad at times or angry or any other emotions but I get them like everyone else. And I’m comfortable with that. I still go back from time to time especially if I have stressful events like exams coming up.

I can honestly say that I might very well not be here if it wasn’t for acupuncture. It succeeded where so many Doctor’s and medicines failed. It still surprises me how the acupuncture treatments, which was the last thing I could have ever thought off, but will always be grateful for, helped to change and save my life.


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