The Best Herbs to Boost Immunity


How to Keep the Immune System Strong

The Best Herbs to Boost Immunity

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The Best Herbs to Boost Immunity

Have you been sleeping well, but still experiencing brain fog all day? Have you been eating quite healthily, yet your excess weight just does not seem to come off? Do you still experience gastric irritation and suffer from various infections? Have you been exercising, but you still don’t feel as energetic or enthusiastic about life as you used to? 

The immune system is very complex and once it has been out of balance for a while, it takes time to get its vitality back. Medicinal herbs as well as everyday kitchen herbs and spices are a gentle, yet powerful way to nourish it back to its optimal state. But it’s important to remember there’s no quick fix for a healthy immune system.

The Best Herbs to Boost Immunity course teaches you:

  • How to use kitchen herbs to support our immune system.

  • What are herbal antibiotics and what is the difference between them and synthetic antibiotics?

  • What is the difference between herbal immune modulators and immune enhancers and when to use them?

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How stress affects the immune system?

Occasional periods of stress are inevitable and are a normal part of life. But long-lasting and extreme stress poses a serious risk to your health, because it can erode the immune function of your body in numerous ways. It reduces the number of immune cells such as natural killer cells and lymphocytes. It causes higher-than-normal production of the stress hormone, cortisol, which hampers the body’s natural anti-inflammatory response. And it can eventually lead to chronic inflammation and repeated infections. Chronic inflammation contributes to the build-up of plaque in arteries, which is one of the main factors in developing chronic cardiovascular conditions. The impaired anti-inflammatory function of the immune system due to stress also leads to chronic inflammatory autoimmune conditions and cancer.

How do you recover from stress-related impaired immunity? The problem is that, when our bodies have elevated stress levels over an extended period of time, the autonomic nervous system begins to accept this heightened stress level as normal. It continues to produce high levels of cortisol well after the stressful event has passed, further compromising the immune system. Herbs are a gentle solution to relaxing the over-stimulated cortisol production, but they also act as a firm support for the immune system to recover and start doing its job again, thus protecting us from acute as well as chronic diseases.

Get healthy with the best herbs for immunity

About the course

This online course comprises one lecture from the more comprehensive Herbs for Everyday Living short course that details the herbs that support the immune system. It includes an in-depth 1-hour long video lecture, 21 informative handouts and 4 articles that provide a deep understanding of commonly-used medicinal herbs to boost immunity. The course also includes details on how to apply these herbs for conditions such as hay fever, asthma, cold and flu, as well as explaining what herbs are useful for relieving allergy symptoms and how to approach fever.

The Best Herbs to Boost Immunity course provides some easy-to-make-at-home recipes for common health issues and offers some tips on immune-boosting everyday herbs and spices that you find in the kitchen.

About the lecturers

Jill Davies

Qualifications:HNH, Ph.D., FAMH. Qualified Herbalist and Naturopath.

Background: Jill originally trained at R.H.S. Wisley and The Royal Botanic Gardens Kew. Then she qualified in herbal medicine in the UK and natural healing and herbal medicine in America, where she did her doctorate.
She periodically teaches Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine at the CNM, and is co-director of Herbs Hands Healing. She has written 14 books, most of which are now available as a free download.

Lorna Driver-Davies

Qualifications:BA (Hons), HD, DHNP. Fully-qualified Holistic Nutritional Practitioner and Herbalist.

Background: Lorna is very much influenced by her family history of natural practitioners (she is the daughter of the well-known medical herbalist Jill Davies and the great-great-granddaughter of an apothecary) and has been surrounded by good nutrition, naturopathy and herbal medicine since birth. Her childhood and teens gave her the foundation of understanding that healthy food and medicinal plants can have an amazingly optimising effect on our mind and body and this has given her the passion and drive to help others today.

Who should take this course?

The Best Herbs to Boost Immunity course is suitable for anyone interested in nutrition the naturopathic way, and healthy approaches to weight management and overall well-being. It is perfect for those trying to improve their energy, mood, sleep and emotional stability, removing toxins from the body or preparing the body for conception. It is also aimed at those that have been considering studying with CNM and want to get first-hand experience before enrolling on one of our comprehensive Short Courses or even one of our professional Diploma courses.

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The Best Herbs to Boost Immunity


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