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How to Keep the Immune System Strong

Gut Health & Immune System

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Gut Health & Immune System

Are you feeling tired all the time? Does it feel like you are constantly catching a cold? How is your wound-healing, does it take ages? Are you suffering from chronic sinusitis or ear infections?

If you’re looking to improve your immune system, your gut could play an important role. Your gut health and your immune system are closely linked, and changes to what you eat can significantly affect the way you respond to injury or infection. Your gut is home to thousands of different species of microorganisms, some are beneficial to us, but others are not. A healthy gut microbiome will help you to support your immune system, especially if you are having a lifestyle that is physically, mentally and emotionally demanding. And we all have that, don’t we?

Gut Health & Immune System course teaches you:

  • How is your immune system connected to your gut.

  • How chronic stress supresses your digestion and alters your immune system.

  • Why in case of allergy and asthma, fasting and detoxification can be useful.

  • How healthy gut microbiome supports your cognitive functions and mood.

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Should we really trust our gut?

Gut instinct is our immediate understanding of something; there’s no need to think it over or get another opinion — we simply know. It arises as a feeling within the body, it can’t be described and it can’t be felt by others. It is just there. But is it really produced by us?

According to some researchers, the vast ecosystem of microorganisms that lives in our gut is as complex and influential as our genes when it comes to our health and happiness. Little inhabitants of our gut have the capacity to manipulate our behaviour and mood through altering the neural signals in the vagus nerve, producing toxins to make us feel bad, and releasing chemical rewards to make us feel good.

So when our ‘gut feeling’ tells us that we need chocolate to calm ourselves, we are at the mercy of relatively unfriendly gut bacteria ‘pulling our strings’ deep down in our intestines making us do what is ultimately not beneficial for us. As everywhere, there is a diversity of interests represented in our microbiome, and if we want our gut feelings to lead us in the direction of health, we had better feed the bacteria aligned with our goals.

Get healthy by nourishing your gut

About the course

This online course includes an in-depth 1-hour long video lecture, 25 informative handouts and 2 articles that will explain how the immune system works; what triggers autoimmune responses and allergies; how to relieve fever, cold and flu with food; and what to do to boost immunity and live a happy, healthy life. The course also explains how the body can heal itself if it has the means to do so, and how our emotional states are linked with physical illness.

It provides some easy-to-make-at-home recipes for common health issues and offers some tips on immune-boosting herbs and spices.

About the lecturer

Dee Clough mANP rGNC

Qualifications: MHSc in Herbal Medicine. BHSc in Complementary Medicine. Certified Bach Flower Practitioner.

Background: Dee is a Naturopath, Nutritional therapist and Herbalist who has taught a range of Naturopathy and Nutrition lectures at CNM’s London campus. She is currently the online tutor for the Naturopathy modules. Dee is a big advocate of Bach Flower Essences and has a particular interest in the mind-body connection and how it influences health.

Who should take this course?

The Gut Health & Immune System course is suitable for anyone interested in nutrition the naturopathic way, and healthy approaches to weight management and overall well-being. It is also perfect for those trying to improve their energy, mood, sleep and emotional stability, removing toxins from the body or preparing the body for conception. It is also aimed at those that have been considering studying with CNM and want to get first-hand experience before enrolling on one of our comprehensive Short Courses or even one of our professional Diploma courses.

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CNM Certificate in Gut Health & Immune System


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