The CNM Naturopathic Diet


Healthy Weight Loss: Detox, Fast and Eat Well

The CNM Naturopathic Diet

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The CNM Naturopathic Diet

How many diets have you tried in your life? Were you dieting to lose weight or to get healthier? Was dieting a burden to you ― did you feel like you were denying yourself something you like, or were you enjoying the process? How was your overall well-being when you were on a diet? Were you full of energy and zeal for life, or were you barely able to drag yourself out of bed in the morning hoping the day would pass as quickly as possible?

The CNM Naturopathic Diet is not a calorie-restricting diet and losing weight is not its main focus. It was created to help people adopt healthy eating practices to improve their overall health or tackle health issues such as gastric irritation, reflux or hay fever. Excess weight ― if we have any ― comes off automatically. It is actually a way to eat ourselves to health. Would you like to learn how?

The CNM Naturopathic Diet course teaches you:

  • Which foods improve the health and integrity of our digestive tract and which irritate our gut.

  • What are healthy carbohydrates, protein and fat sources and how to combine them.

  • What are the natural ways of boosting cognitive function through healthy food choices.

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What is the CNM Naturopathic Diet

The CNM Naturopathic Diet has been developed by the College of Naturopathic Medicine. It focuses on supplying the body with all the nutrients needed for optimum health, growth and repair, and is tailored to suit the individual constitution of the person.
It follows the basic naturopathic principles that prevention is better than cure; that health is a state of balance in our body; that the power of nature is the one assisting the healing process; and that the body is an integrated whole and not an individual set of organs and body parts.

Naturopathy is a holistic approach that aims to promote the body’s inherent physiological self-healing mechanisms via natural methods. Besides herbs, diet is probably the oldest of these natural methods. And many healthcare practitioners and modern advocates of naturopathy would say that it is the most crucial in establishing perfect psycho-physical equilibrium in human beings.

Get healthy and nourish your body optimally

About the course

This online course includes in-depth 1-hour-long video lecture, 17 informative handouts and 3 articles that explain the impact of the CNM Naturopathic diet on your overall health; the role of macronutrients, micronutrients, superfoods and herbs in your diet; and how we recognise different types of antioxidants in plant foods. It offers thorough advice about how to choose healthy fats and which ones to avoid, what to pay attention to when food shopping and how to determine which constitutional type we are, so we can eat accordingly.

And remember ― we don’t eat only with our mouth, but also with our eyes, so make that rainbow of colour on a plate as appealing as possible.

About the lecturer

Linda Vezzoli mANP rGNC

Qualifications: BA, CNM Diploma in Naturopathic Nutrition, Certified Health Coach.

Background: Linda is a registered Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach based in SE London. Her work focuses on female and hormonal health, fertility and pregnancy, digestive wellness, weight management, and increasing energy levels.
Her approach is to educate, empower, and support: always nourishing, never depriving.

Who should take this course?

The CNM Naturopathic Diet course is suitable for anyone interested in nutrition the naturopathic way, and healthy approaches to weight management and overall well-being. It is also perfect for those trying to improve their energy, mood, sleep and emotional stability, removing toxins from the body or preparing the body for conception. It is also aimed at those that have been considering studying with CNM and want to get first-hand experience before enrolling on one of our comprehensive Short Courses or even one of our professional Diploma courses.

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