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When I first heard about the earthquake in Nepal, naturally it was tragic news, but then to hear within a short space of time that a second earthquake had shook the grounds of Nepal was truly devastating. If you have travelled to Nepal, or met anyone from there I am sure you will agree with me when I talk about their inner warmth, charisma and incredible hospitality.

Recently on trip to Malaysia, I met a Nepalese man. He spoke of the horror of the earthquakes, and shared with me how the most disturbing thing of all for him, was to look into the eyes of his family, friends and neighbours and see only fear and trauma reflected back to him. I knew at this moment that I wanted to help.

Having seen the power of Acupuncture in the treatment of PTSD (post-traumatic Stress Disorder) as well as how it works for calming agitation, easing severe anxiety, stress, trauma and grief, I knew that I wanted to bring this powerful treatment to the Nepalese people.

AWB volunteer practitioners provide intensive treatments to interrupt this cycle of pain and chaos and relieve the suffering. By partnering with local organizations we are able to treat people with community style acupuncture in group settings which enables us to;

  • Support the healing of the whole community
  • Help alleviate the symptoms of post-traumatic-stress-disorder
  • Work through the fear and despair felt by the people of Nepal in the wake of the disaster

We provide services and training in local communities that will have long-range benefits after we leave. We seek to do this in a way that respects and enables the communities to direct the recovery and rebuilding process in a way that best supports their needs.

Since the 1st earthquake hit on the 25th April we have been mobilising trauma relief support in collaboration with our people on the ground. We have so far set-up several treatment zones throughout Kathmandu and surrounding rural areas administering 100’s of treatments daily using make-shift clinics, tented camps & hospitals – but…

We urgently need to reach more people!

The next team departs for Nepal on the 4th July. I am one of just two Acupuncturists from Europe, my primary focus at this time is to bring as many supplies and aid-assistance as possible to the teams already on the ground. Unfortunately, as with any natural disaster, many medical supplies are still not getting through to Nepal, unless bought directly by volunteer aid-workers.

AWB practitioners on the ground in Nepal are doing phenomenal work, working 16-hour days, 7-days a week in extremely tough working conditions sometimes administering more than 1000 treatments per day, while battling arduous weather conditions.

All highly-skilled AWB Acupuncture practitioners work on a Voluntary capacity only, with all costs coming directly from their own pockets. Hence all funding for supplies and volunteer support is crucial to us, in continuing our work. I hope to raise funding towards assistance-aid on the ground in addition to the following equipment:

  • 50,000 ear needles
  • 5000 ear seeds
  • Moxa sticks/cones
  • 10,000 bacterial swabs
  • Hand sanitizer’s
  • Herbs and supplements
  • Additional clinical equipment

For additional information visit our website: www.acupuncturistswithoutborders-eu.com

We have just a 10-DAY WINDOW to gather funding for supplies to take to Nepal.

Can you help?

Just a small donation of €5 can provide up to 10-treatments locally, you can make a difference!

Click here to donate.

Please help us to relieve the emotional trauma and suffering of the wonderful people of Nepal. Your generosity can restore the peace of mind of thousands, helping rebuild their shattered lives and look toward the future of their beautiful country!

On behalf of AWB & people of Nepal – A million thanks.

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