Graduates Abroad – Thailand

Tropical Island practice for CNM Graduate

Luca Sonzogni, CNM Graduate in Nutrition

CNM’s good reputation and the flexibility of being able to study part-time were what drew me to the college.

I enjoyed 15 years in corporate jobs in London. When I began to re-evaluate my values and priorities in life, I decided that I wanted to pursue a different type of lifestyle. I come from a family of therapists in Italy who well understood the wonderful properties of fruit and vegetables.

So when I experienced a ‘mind-body-soul disconnect’, I felt that it was nutrition and natural therapies that I wanted to turn to, first for self-help, and then as a meaningful and sustainable career.

Nutrition is polarised, with many different diets and schools of thought.  I loved the diversity of teachers I met through the course, ensuring that all views were represented. The course was non-dogmatic, based on science first,  and teachers came from different experiences and had varied models which they applied to nutrition. Each client was seen as unique.

What I learned has given me the opportunity to have a self-employed profession which is not location dependent, given that I am developing an online, Skype based practice. For 3 days a week I also work as a health manager in a detox and wellness centre in Thailand, with lots of face to face, direct interactions with international clients.  I also run health talks and orientations on a weekly basis.

I live on a tropical island with spectacular nature and a slower pace of life. It is an extremely healthy place to be, with an interesting community, and amazing fresh fish in the market. And don’t get me started on the variety of fresh fruit available here!

Thailand has a rich tradition of indigenous therapies as well as being a great place to set up healing centres due to generally encouraging regulation in the field. My CNM qualification is very valued here.

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