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Bernadette Keogh, CNM Graduate in Naturopathic Nutrition

I didn’t plan to work abroad when I trained in Nutrition at CNM London, but after graduating I moved to The Hague in the Netherlands as my boyfriend lives here.  I work in corporate wellness as a freelance Nutritional Therapist, going into companies and giving talks on nutrition, sleep, and stress.

I also see private nutrition clients and collaborate with other therapists to run workshops and retreats. I keep up my presence in the UK by writing nutrition articles for magazines.

bk-fin-pracEveryone here must have private health insurance and you can get insurance to cover complementary therapies.  To qualify as a therapist on the private insurance register you have to meet certain requirements.  For instance, your course must be accredited by certain institutions; you must have the Medical Basic Knowledge qualification that is devised by the government.  My CNM qualification easily enabled me to practice and get professional insurance to do so.  

The Dutch have used natural therapies for many years and there is a huge amount of interest in natural therapies here.  Unlike the UK, it is popular for Doctors and health providers to study nutrition as an adjunct to their qualification and you have nutritional therapists and western doctors collaborating together.  I see great potential for growth and integration of natural therapies here in The Netherlands.

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