Graduates Abroad – France

CNM’s clinical training is invaluable

Marion Baudier-Melon – Nutrition Graduate

I absolutely loved my time at CNM; the course was exactly what I hoped it would be. I especially enjoyed the clinical practical training; this proved invaluable when I set up my own practice.

CNM’s approach really appealed to me

I decided to study nutrition after I burnt out when working as a communications consultant for food start-ups. I enrolled as an international student at CNM because at the time, I couldn’t find any training in France which focused on evidence-based nutrition.

I resolved my own health issues

The course dramatically helped me to understand and improve the symptoms I’d been struggling with since puberty: endometriosis, androgenic alopecia and adult acne. After resolving my own health issues with nutrition, I decided to specialise in female health to help others do the same.

I run a busy clinic, workshops & webinars

I now run a busy practice in Paris, France. I help women overcome their hormonal problems with nutrition and lifestyle through one-to-one consultations, workshops, webinars and online content. I also work as a nutrition consultant for brands in the health and wellness industry.

I’ve continued my learning through British and international professional associations, supplement companies and functional labs that offer high-quality training. I feel my knowledge and experience is bringing something new to the French alternative medicine field.


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