Why study Herbal Medicine with CNM?

The CNM Herbal Medicine diploma course provides high quality training which equips graduates to build successful practices.

Our courses are carefully structured. Each study unit builds upon the previous one, allowing students to develop their confidence and skills, to reach their full potential as a future professional herbalist.

Herbal Medicine students are encouraged to develop their own unique style of consultation and practice, through 500 hours of practical clinics.

At CNM you’ll find students from all walks of life. The main reasons why they choose to study Herbal Medicine with CNM are:

  • We focus on whole and organic herbs.
  • We are not treating a symptom, but the whole person.
  • We use herbs according to the constitution of a patient.
  • We focus on Western herbs.
  • CNM Herbalists are also trained in Nutrition, Detoxification,
    First Aid Homeopathy, Iridology and Chinese diagnostics.
  • We focus on practical application and real patients.
  • We teach clinic and practice management.
  • All our Herbal Medicine lecturers are practitioners.
  • 80% of CNM graduates are practicing.
  • Student website with access to comprehensive learning materials such as handouts, videos, learning guides, student forum, online clinic booking and much more.
  • Access to journals, hundreds of articles, up to date research & peer reviewed articles.
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