Rosemary Ferguson


During my years as an international model I recognized that the way to good health was through nutrition: I grew up surrounded by complementary medicine, in a family of homeopaths and kinesiologists. My grandmother owned one of the first health food shops in the country, inspiring a general awareness of alternative therapies in my family.

JUICE! by Rosemary FergusonThe rigours of modelling and bringing up healthy, happy children led me to question the nutritional value of the food my family ate. After many years of practicing on family and friends I qualified from the College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2012 and launched my Harley Street based clinic. I also practice in the Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire areas. I am truly passionate about healthy eating, but I’m definitely not evangelical. I want my book to inspire people and to help them understand why good nutrition is so important. Small changes can make big differences to your feeling of wellbeing and energy levels.

Rosemary’s book JUICE is available through Amazon