Emma Beswick and Kate Scott are both CNM graduates in Naturopathic Nutrition and the founders and co-directors of the company, Ingeneius.

It was whilst they were studying at CNM that Emma and Kate first became intrigued by nutrigenomics, the study of how food can affect how our genes are expressed. They knew it was something that they wanted to get involved with and learn more about. The pair saw the potential that understanding a person’s genetic predispositions, and how to support these through diet and lifestyle, could have on preventing chronic illness and optimising health.

Ingeneius’ journey began through ordering online genetic testing kits, which sparked their excitement and curiosity to see what information could be found. When the results were in a few weeks later the two were slightly disappointed by the mostly anecdotal information they were presented with – ancestral make-up, likelihood of blue eyes, curly hair etc. After running the data through a few of the interpretation sites the output was not what they had hoped for as it still required a lot of research and dot-joining to make any sense of.

The initial frustration turned into innovation as they decided to use their research and knowledge to design useful reports for practitioners to use on behalf of their clients. Ingeneius have been working on a specialist report on Methylation (a process involved in numerous bodily functions including regulating genes, immune function, neurotransmitter balance, energy production, detoxification, cardiovascular health and protecting DNA from damage) which is available to run on their app. This will be followed by specialist reports on detoxification, allergy, immunity and essential nutrients.

Ingeneius’ Basic Blueprint report provides a summary of genetic variants across the above themes as well as ageing, cardiovascular health, weight & metabolism and sports performance.