Elizabeth Peyton-Jones


Elizabeth Peyton-Jones is a master herbalist, BA Hons, Dip Herb., and an ND Herbalist/Naturopath. She has studied at the Naturopathy
 College of Naturopathic Medicine; the Herbal Medicine
 College of Naturopathic Medicine.

“CNM gave me the foundation of my knowledge in health, food and herbal medicine. All the teachers were amazing and so encouraging, they made me hungry for more knowledge and it was this hunger that has led me to where I am today. The great thing is I can keep coming back and learning more. The learning never ends. Thank you CNM.”


Elizabeth believes that eating tasty, nutritionally rich foods should be within everyone’s reach whatever their budget or background. Her books offer wholesome foods, simple cooking methods and great recipes to help everyone get on the track to good health and optimum wellbeing.

As well as writing books, articles and lecturing, Elizabeth has launched her own Go Nuts! healthy snack range, and works extensively with spas and hotels to develop nutritious bespoke menus, juices and snacks that clients love. Food has a proven influence on brain and behaviour and Elizabeth is also engaged in working with addiction clinics and model agencies to promote better nutritional health.